George Crumb

USA 1929– Wikipedia


Night Music II 4 Nocturnes
1964 10m
Echoes I 11 Echoes of Autumn
1965 20m
Images I Black Angels
1970 20m
Vox Balaenae Voice of the Whale
1971 20m
Makrokosmos III Music for a Summer Evening
1974 35m
Images II Dream Sequence
1976 15m
Images III An Idyll for the Misbegotten
1986 10m
1994 25m
Mundus Canis
1998 10m


1959 25m
Echoes II Echoes of Time and the River
1962 20m
A Haunted Landscape
1984 15m

Solo Keyboard

5 Pieces
1962 10m
Makrokosmos I
1972 30m
Makrokosmos II
1973 30m
Makrokosmos IV Celestial Mechanics
1979 20m
A Little Suite for Christmas, A.D. 1979
1980 15m
Gnomic Variations
1981 20m
1983 10m
1988 30m
A Little Midnight Music
2001 20m
Otherworldly Resonances
2003 20m
Metamorphoses I
2015–17 40m
Metamorphoses II
2018–20 40m


Songs, Drones, and Refrains of Death
1968 25m
1965–69 35m
Night of the 4 Moons
1969 20m
Ancient Voices of Children
1970 25m
Lux Aeterna
1971 15m
Night Music I
1963–76 20m
1977–79 35m
1979 25m
Federico's Little Songs for Children
1986 15m
American Songbook III Unto the Hills
2001 40m
American Songbook II A Journey Beyond Time
2003 35m
American Songbook I The River of Life
2003 45m
American Songbook IV Winds of Destiny
2004 45m
American Songbook V Voices from a Forgotten World
2007 50m
Spanish Songbook I The Ghosts of Alhambra
2008 20m
American Songbook VI Voices from the Morning of the Earth
2008 50m
Spanish Songbook II Sun and Shadow
2009 15m
American Songbook VII Voices from the Heartland
2010 45m
Spanish Songbook III The Yellow Moon of Andalusia
2012 20m
2005–13 10m